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Once you have a website it has to be hosted on a server. The server also hosts the email accounts and auto responders and web stats.

Our rates for hosting are low, £5.75 a month or £57.50 a year if paid for in advance. Each website we design also comes with 6 months free hosting.


Frequent Updater

Frequent Updater allows you to update a website as often as you like for a fixed monthly cost without you having to alter the html code and then use ftp to upload your changes.

With Frequent Updater you can update up to 5 areas of text that can be on just one of your web pages or on as many of your web pages as you wish.

Frequent Updater was originally designed for a tipster membership site to show the daily selection in the member’s area, the previous day’s results if they had made a profit, a results page showing the full results the tipster from a certain period wanted to show, a global message to their members and global message to their prospective clients. All of which needed to be updated possibly seven days a week.

Whether you have a membership website or not you can still sign up for Frequent Updater service if you need to change text often. The cost of Frequent Updater is £25 a month which is added to your hosting costs.

All membership sites come with six months free Frequent Updater.


Accepting Payments Online

The easiest way to accept payments online is through Paypal. Customers do not need a Paypal account; they pay in the normal way by using a credit or debit card.

Paypal charge you a transaction charge between 1.4% - 3.4% and 20p, depending on sales volume. You can also have a Micropayment account for smaller payments with transaction charges of 5% plus 5p.

These charges compare favourably with the banks however unlike banks merchant account, a Paypal Business Account is Free. There are no set-up fees, monthly charges, minimum volumes and you will not have to submit yourself to a credit check. You will have to have your own Paypal account but we will guide you through the process.

Paypal can also be configured to delay a payment by a time period specified by you, effectively giving them a free trial if you wish. You can also have your clients set up a regular payment that is automatically taken from their card once a month or any for any other period of time specified by you.


Members Area

An area which can only be accessed by a correct username and password. After a paypal payment a new member is taken to a sign up page where they can select their own username and password.


Admin Control Panel

Where you can view a list of members, their names, email addresses, user id's and passwords. You can also add and delete members manually. Password protected so that only you have access to the admin area.



The number of email accounts you will have is dependant on the package you buy from us. You can choose the names for them, such as

You will be able to send and receive emails from each account either by using the free web mail facility that comes with your hosting or by software on your pc such as Outlook or Outlook Express.

You can also have unlimited email addresses that will receive emails and will then forward it to one of your email accounts.

Auto responders are an automatic reply to someone who sends you an email. They are useful if you are away on holiday for example. Once you have used an auto responder you can store this on the server for future when you switch it.


The Contact Section

This is a way a customer can contact you from your website. It consists of boxes which they fill in before pressing a send button. You can specify the information you require from them in each box, such as name, subject, question and email address.

This information is then sent to you as an email to an email address specified by you.

On a one page website the contact section will be somewhere on the web page. On multiple page websites it usually is on a separate page.

The advantages of using a contact section instead of just giving out an email address on your website is that your email address is hidden, so will not be picked up by email harvesters and used for sending you spam.



File Transfer Protocol is a way of transferring web pages, pictures etc. from your pc to the server. FTP can be enabled for you once your website has been finished if you wish to edit and upload your own web pages free of charge.

Don't worry if you don't know the difference between your php and your perl or your XHTML and HTML as our charges for updating and uploading your web pages for you are very low.


Web Stats

The number of visitors and when they visited your website plus a lot more about them. You will be able to access the web stats at any time for your own site online.


Domain Names

Every website needs its own domain name, such as so that your customers can find you. Your website will have its own free domain name for as long as you host it with us.

Membership Websites

Membership Websites

Membership Websites complete with username and password protected member’s area. The customer is taken to a sign up page once a card payment is received. There is also a lost password retrieval service should they forget their password.

Each membership website comes with an easy to use admin control panel.

You will be allocated a designated, helpful and friendly designer who will create your website from start to finish. Someone who will be in constant contact with you during every stage of the design.

Membership websites also come with six months free Frequent Updater so that you can easily update your website. For further details of how a tipster website works, go here.


Number of Pages


Cheap Hosting


Six months Free Hosting


Six months Free Frequent Updater


Admin Control Panel


Paypal Buy it Now Buttons


Email Accounts


Email Addresses


Auto Responders


Contact Us Section


Full FTP

if required

Web Stats


Free Domain Name


Dedicated Designer








Basic Websites

Basic Websites are ideal for getting your message across to the general public, proclaiming who you are and what you do. Perfect if you do not want to take payments on your website.

Paypal Website

Selling online has never been easier or cheaper. Uses Paypal with their buy it now buttons for your customers to pay by debit or credit card. Ideal for up to twenty different products.

Information Website

Selling information online the easy way. Whether it's pdf documents or e-books. Uses Paypal and their buy it now buttons with hidden landing pages for your products once a payment has been received from a debit or credit card.

Membership Website

Membership Websites complete with username and password protected member’s area. Customer taken to a sign up page once a card payment is received, lost password retrieval and much more.


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