Our Websites

Basic Websites

Basic Websites are ideal for getting your message across to the general public, proclaiming who you are and what you do. Perfect if you do not want to take payments on your website.
Basic Website


Paypal Website

Selling online has never been easier or cheaper. Uses Paypal with their buy it now buttons for your customers to pay by debit or credit card. Ideal for up to twenty different products.
Paypal Website


Information Website

Selling information online the easy way. Whether it's pdf documents or e-books. Uses Paypal and their buy it now buttons with hidden landing pages for your products once payment has been received from a debit or credit card.
Information website


Membership Website

Membership Websites complete with username and password protected member’s area. Customer taken to a sign up page once a card payment is received, lost password retrieval and much more.
Membership Website


Frequent Updates


Although our charges for updating a web page are low some websites will always require a lot of updating. Instead of paying for each update, Frequent Updater allows you to update a website as often as you like for a fixed monthly cost

With Frequent Updater you can update up to 5 areas of text that can be on just one of your web pages or on as many of your web pages as you wish. The text you want to be updated and on which web pages you want this text to appear must be specified at the design stage or a small additional set up charge (£4.95) is payable for each page.

Frequent Updater was originally designed for a tipster membership site to show the daily selection in the member’s area, the previous day’s results if they had made a profit, a results page showing the full results the tipster from a certain period wanted to show, a global message to their members and global message to their prospective clients. All of which needed to be updated possibly seven days a week.

Whether you have a membership website or not you can still sign up for Frequent Updater service if you need to change text often. The cost of Frequent Updater is £25 a month which is added to your hosting costs. Get Frequent Updater