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Basic Websites

Basic Websites are ideal for getting your message across to the general public, proclaiming who you are and what you do. Perfect if you do not want to take payments on your website.
Basic Website


Paypal Website

Selling online has never been easier or cheaper. Uses Paypal with their buy it now buttons for your customers to pay by debit or credit card. Ideal for up to twenty different products.
Paypal Website


Information Website

Selling information online the easy way. Whether it's pdf documents or e-books. Uses Paypal and their buy it now buttons with hidden landing pages for your products once payment has been received from a debit or credit card.
Information website


Membership Website

Membership Websites complete with username and password protected member’s area. Customer taken to a sign up page once a card payment is received, lost password retrieval and much more.
Membership Website




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Can't find what you need? Contact us for a quote.
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About us


We are a UK company based in the heart of the country just outside a town called Burton on Trent, perhaps more famous for its beer than for web design. Maybe that's because beer has been around a lot longer than the internet has.

Are aims are simple. To provide a top quality website to showcase your company at an affordable price.

From a standard website to a website selling products or information to a membership websites, Links Direct probably offers the best possible value for a professionally produced website.

We realise that once you have your website up and running you may want to add to or amend your web pages. Web designers will usually charge exorbitant fees for this but our charges are so low you will be able to change the content of your website as often as you like. If you have the know-how you can amend and upload your web pages yourself for free.

Another important consideration is hosting. There are companies out there who would charge you £120.00 a year for hosting a website they build for you and then charging you the same amount if you wish to cancel. We charge less than half that amount and do not charge you if you want to host your website elsewhere.

You will be allocated a designated, helpful and friendly designer who will create your website from start to finish. Someone who will be in constant contact with you during every stage of the design of your website.

Your website is important. In many cases it will be the first image people see of you and will be how they perceive you and your company. Of the millions of websites that are on the internet there are huge differences in quality. Don't let yours let you down.